Entity 104 - "Photoshop"
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Entity Number: 104

Habitat: Anywhere with a computer


Photo of Photoshop


Entity 104, also known as Photoshop, is a block-like creature found near a desktop computer. This entity is very aggressive around anyone, so it is suggested that you remain cautious when approaching Photoshop by keeping a safe distance. The entity can be found in any level with a desktop, but the first sighting of Photoshop was in Level 2 in Office Space EL3A.


Photoshop is an entity with unusual abilities. It appears as non-threatening from afar, but if anyone gets within a 5ft. radius anywhere around the entity, a large, transparent box with black edges will surround them. Any matter that passes through the walls of this box will be destroyed as if the entity is cropping it out of existence. The entity doesn't attack if you take a picture of it with a camera, even if up-close. It is theorized that this is the entity might want attention and praise. If you place an object in front of Photoshop, a large, white, and bloody arm will come out of the computer and grab the object into the screen. After this, the object will be seen on the monitor. If Photoshop has enough items, it will materialize the objects from the desktop screen, change the hue with dark red, and use them as legs to move around. The entity will not attack you if you give it an item and will find its prey somewhere else.


The entity has two photos of eyes, a picture of a Pitbull's mouth wide open for its face. For its body, it has a block that has a photograph of flesh on all sides. The images for the eyes and face are completely flat. The entire body looks blocky and has a glitching effect to it. Photoshop has an estimated height of 7'9".


It was found by a wanderer that no-clipped in Level 2. The wanderer kept her distance from Photoshop and tried finding the exit somewhere else. It's unclear when the entity came to level 2. She told other wanderers about the entity in Office Space EL3A. The wanderers were very interested and went to research the entity. When they found the entity, they brought a test dummy with them to see what it does. They placed the dummy in front of Photoshop, got out of the way, and that's when they found out about the cropping attack. The Wanderers retreated in the moment of fright and escaped safely.

One other wanderer found out that the entity didn't attack when he had a camera on him, and took a picture of Photoshop. He also discovered that it was dangerous when another wanderer tried attacking it and was cropped out of existence.

Supplementary Documents:

M.E.G. Interview Log 5640

Date: 12/14/2020
Interviewer: David Robinson

Interviewee: Michael Jones

<Begins Interview>

Interviewer: So, Michael, what was this thing you saw in the Level 2?

Interviewee: Well…It was a…statue that looked like nothing I would imagine seeing. Like seriously, that fucking thing is…I don't know. It looked like some class project from hell. Ever since me and my friends got out of there, I've been all shaken up. I almost think all of this was some surreal dream.

Interviewer: Ok. So was the thing alive?

Interviewee: It sure looked like it. There was…a big, clear box that trapped our dummy. When the box was shrinking, I could see the dummy getting torn up. At that moment, we knew we were dealing with something far more dangerous in that shithole.

Interviewer: Ok. [Cleares throat] Do you plan to go back to research this entity?

Interviewee: Hell no. There is no way I'm going back there. There were so many other things there that I don't want to discuss.

Interviewer: Like the Smilers? Those are the dark humanoid figures one of your friends was talking about before this interview.

Interviewee: [Sighs] Mm-hmm.

Interviewer: Ok, thank you for your time, and be safe. You never know what will happen next.

Interviewee: Yeah, you too.

<End of Interview>

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Keep your distance
  • Take a picture of it
  • Give the entity an object


  • Get too close before taking a picture
  • Try attacking it
  • Stand still

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