Member 102 - "The Duke of Process"

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Service Number: 102

Name: The Duke of Process

Current Location: M.I.A or rogue.


The Duke of Process before disappearance.


The Duke of Process was a representative created by Spokesman Keyes in 2009. As of writing (2013) it is considered missing in action due to strange circumstances.

The Duke of Process was roughly eight feet tall, and could be seen wearing a large blue boiler suit. Its skin was a light grey shade, and its face had no nose or eyes to speak of due to complications during its creation. The Duke of Process carried out its objectives by use of extreme force, and it was a near unstoppable creature at it’s best potential. It was created to guarantee that it would never question a single command given to it, and we have yet to doubt that it ever had done so during its work.

The circumstances of its disappearance are currently unknown to us, however it is of utmost importance to the health of The Conglomerate that we recover The Duke of Process by any means necessary.


The Duke of Process possessed extreme physical strength and durability, being near impossible to kill. This is thanks to its near unlimited pain tolerance, meaning it could withstand amputations and blunt force trauma in stride. When it was tasked with processing1 targets it would almost always do so quickly. Occasionally, one of its targets would manage to damage it enough that it had to return back to The Offices to recuperate, however it typically came back stronger and managed to wipe out the target successfully.

As previously stated, The Duke of Process was created by Spokesman Keyes as The Reverence determined that having a creature that could take out any potential threat to the group within reason was a necessary precaution to take. Thus, The Duke of Process was shortly brought into life thereafter. The process of its creation is currently spokesman knowledge only and cannot be disclosed in this entry, however it is well known to have been some sort of adaptation of the regular inception process.


In 2011 The Duke of Process was sent to Passage 11 to process a member of the Eyes Of Argos who had begun researching The Reverence after determining they had broken their code of laws in some way. After the member was successfully processed, The Duke of Process never returned from Passage 11.

"As the beast killed my dearest friend, it turned and looked to the rest of us Law Keepers. As it did, we saw that the creature was missing it’s very eyes, only a pale corpse of a human. It turned back around, and left the headquarters in a slow pace.

This creature will soon see the mistakes of it’s very creation. Argos himself will see to this."

-A member of the eyes of Argos’s recount of The Duke of Process. This is the last known mention of the creature from outside The Conglomerate.

The Spokesmen have tasked The Steel and other sponsors with the recovery of The Duke of Process, however their inquiries with the M.E.G. seem to suggest they are unaware of the creature's very existence, let alone where it may be in Passage 11.

The “Blue Hesper” protocol

Should The Duke of Process turn out to have gone rogue, protocol Blue Hesper must be enacted by all nearby representatives in order to prevent any collateral damage it may cause in its reappearance.

The Blue Hesper protocol is broken down into four basic steps:

1. All operational Representatives in the same passage as The Duke of Process are to track it down as fast as possible.

2. If one finds The Duke of Process they must report to The Offices for backup, all operational Representatives are to take part in this step.

3. Representatives are then to eliminate The Duke of Process by any means necessary. Civilian casualties are considered an acceptable liability.

4. Should the protocol fail to stop The Duke of Process, surviving Representatives are to contact the Spokesmen for further guidance.

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