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In universe…
…the term "entity" covers a wide variety of beings, from friendly inhabitants with human-like intelligence, to mindless beasts, to creatures whose motivations and abilities are beyond our understanding.

Each entity has unique behaviors, habitats, and physiological needs. When in doubt, a good rule of thumb for interacting with entities is to leave them be, for your sake and theirs. As always in the Backrooms, trusting your gut is always the best way to survive.

Out of universe…
…an entity can be described as "anything that lives in the Backrooms." As said above, entities are as wildly varied as living things on Earth, if not more — feel free to get creative! Entity pages can take on any format from a regular 'database' article to a wanderer's handwritten account — you can use your entity slot number within the page, or choose to disregard it as a wanderer might do.

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