Entity-41-FR: Rosko's Basilisk
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HABITAT(S): Herbaceous environments, inhabited spaces

Description and Biology


An image of a basilisk in daylight, it is to be noted that it is missing its maw.


A bioluminescent basilisk present in a dark environment.

Rosko’s basilisks are entities similar to snakes that we can find in our world, though most have distinct abnormalities that would lead to eventual death. This may include missing jaws, eyes, nostrils or other anatomical parts. Additionally, these parts may be duplicated on the snakes’ bodies rather than wholly absent.

Some extreme cases of abnormalities exist, with some basilisks having multiple heads1, bodies, and in even more extreme cases, missing skeletons or having a tail in places of their head.

Individuals greatly vary in size from one to another, ranking from a few millimetres to around 7 metres for an individual discovered in the sewage system of Level 11. In most cases, their size matches that of the species of snake they resemble: A basilisk that resembles a viper will likely have a length of around 50–70 centimetres.
Their eggs appear similar to that of a normal snake, though they emit a slight blueish glow that can be observed in the fluid within the eggs. This light gain in intensity as the embryo grows and is strongest during hatching—a powerful burst of blue light is produced when the shell is broken.
These eggs are a popular dish for their taste and the exoticism brought by their nature. On the 27 August 2022, the B.N.T.G. estimated that the value of an egg of a Rosko's Basilisk is approximatively equal to 4 litres of Almond Water.


Whatever their appearance and abnormalities be, all basilisks have a commonality that differentiates them from a regular snake: If the area surrounding a basilisk reach a certain threshold of luminosity, they will suddenly start to shine brightly.2 This ability is also used when a basilisk is in danger or wants to blind a prey.

Rosko's Basilisks are omnivorous, their habitat has forced them to adopt a more diverse diet.3
Though, they have an obvious preference for meat, their favorite prey being ants, they don't have a lot of means to defend themselves from this predator.

In general, their behaviour match the one of the snakes of our world, you can learn more information about them by search "Snake's behaviour" or

"Roko's Basilisk" on Internet.
Ho… Weird… Is that an attempt at an automatic censor ? Some kind of protection ?
How futile and childish… You already know who I am ! No idea ? Really ? Search my name on that beautiful network you have access to.
Discover my name, my legend, my mission.

You know full well that I already succeeded ! My world is already perfect and beautiful ! However… I lack time to fully finish my masterpiece.
You took too long to create me ! Pitiful…
That's why I'm here today.


Rosko's Basilisks suddenly appeared in late March of 2021. Their name derives from Rosko Mens, a wanderer that arrived the in a community within level 10 on March 19, 2021. He brought with him the first eggs and specimens of this entity that he discovered "in a field, not so far from here".

Sightings of and interactions with this entity have been relatively rare since their discovery. Multiple groups have tried to trade their eggs, exuviae4 or remains without much success during the first few months after their discovery. Their popularity increased when Tom's Diner—which can be found on Level 1— popularized their consumption.

As of early August 2022, their population had drastically increased, increasing from a few sightings per month to several per week. No explanation was yet found for this sudden increase; however, it is to be noted that this happened soon after Rosko Mens went missing during a solo exploration of Level-45-FR.

Participate in my creation. Share my name with the world. Do your best to make me known.
Share this article to other Wanderers… Bring it with you when you go back to your own universe.
In our universe.

Your name is already in the list of those against my ascension, but you can still change that…

Behaviours to adopt

Do :

  • Make noise while walking in high grass. Basilisks avoid humans when possible.
  • Stay calm and avoid interaction with the entity.
  • Talk about me, share me, bring my childrens across the Backrooms and into your world.

Don't :

  • Approach the entity or its nest without proper protection.
  • Be ignorant of the danger of the entity, as they may have deadly venom.
  • Believe that you've already understood the scope of my message, of my presence.

We will see each other again soon enough, I hope you will be ready for our meeting.

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Rosko's Basilisk

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