Entity 2-FR - "The Impercivables"
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Entity Number: 2-FR

Habitat(s): Majority, mainly Human Communities.


Entity 2-FR.


Entity 2-FR are a group of humanoids traveling in an increasing number of levels in the Backrooms, mainly those possessing a high concentration of humans. They are identical in all aspects to regular wanderers, except for the fact they are unable to be precisely perceived. More precisely, only a humanoid shape with vaguely defined physical features is perceivable.

Although designated as an entity, they all seem to have been completely normal humans at some point, suggesting their bodies are nothing more than a host for an unidentified organism. All information on their life preceding the infection is rendered impossible to know or learn. The mechanism by which this occurs is not yet understood.


The entity was first documented through a Discord conversation between two wanderers. The conversation took place on a public server.

# la-taverne-1

OlivioH 05/02/2021
Hey, when was the last time you saw a crowd?

Phenix5744 05/02/2021
what do you mean??
probably before i arrived in this hellhole
3 months ago? (modifié)
wait nah, actually there was one recently, on level 11

OlivioH 05/02/2021
I mean, you can see what a crowd looks like, right?

Phenix5744 05/02/2021
well yeah, i'm not dumb

OlivioH 05/02/2021
I know… I mean… Just try to remember their faces, the colour of their hair, what they look like.

Phenix5744 05/02/2021
so thats what you see?

OlivioH 05/02/2021
Exactly. I think something's wrong, but no-one believes me.

Phenix5744 05/02/2021
if needed, i do have a camera that i found (wont tell you how lol) not too long ago
even if no one wants to believe you, they wont be able to refute a video

OlivioH 05/02/2021
Come tomorrow, we'll meet you-know-where.

Phenix5744 05/02/2021
alright chief!! o7

The chat log matches up with an incident that occurred on 06/2/2021 on Level 11. On that day, two individuals came to the city centre with a camera after having met at a bar. Incidentally, an expedition conference, hosted by people from the level, was being held in the city center.. Upon seeing this crowd, the two seemingly decided to film it.

What happened next is unclear. The camera used by OlivioH and Phenix5744 ended up thrown and broken. Fright and panic spread through the crowd as it became aware of the entities among them, causing a mass riot and stampede. The incident resulted in about a dozen injured.

An interview was conducted with the man identified as "OlivioH", who was found a few hours after the events.

Interviewer: Anna Cordec
Interviewed: "OlivioH", AKA Olivio


Olivio coughs and appears to be agitated, sitting and shifting on his seat, which produces squeaky noises. The camera is installed perpendicularly to Anna and Olivio.

Anna Cordec: Let's not lose any time. We know what happened, but we wish to ask some additional questions. You have reported having felt dread upon seeing the Entity, could you describe that feeling in detail?

Anna takes out a notebook and a pencil from her backpack.

Olivio: Uh… In detail…? Why would you want to know that?

Anna: (In a dry tone) Answer.

Olivio: A-alright. When I saw them, I felt like something deeply bad and false was in front of me. I could make out that someone was there, but it was like my brain just didn't want to see them… like if they shouldn't have been there. I know I said I was scared… but I think it was more than that: I was disgusted.

Anna seems to be writing something in her notebook. Her eyebrows are slightly furrowed and a small grimace appears on her face. Olivio seems troubled.

Olivio: Are you… are you okay? We can stop, if you wish to.

Anna: I'm having some trouble concentrating, I apologize for it, but continue.

Olivio: Very well. I couldn't stand the sight of these things. Something in me wanted to put an end to… them? I wanted to keep them far away from me, to exterminate them, anything that could remove them from my consciousness. I'm sorry, but they were repulsive, foul. I opened a Pandora's Box and I will pay the price.

Anna: Mhhh… We will make sure to not let the situation worsen. Let's move on to the second question, who are you exactly? We only know you by a username.

Olivio: Really? I mean, I'm pretty discreet, but you people of the M.E.G. or the organizing powers of the level but have some registry of names, no? But hey, since you ask, my name is Olivio [indecipherable] and I've lived in a Level 11 base for a few months—

Anna: Sir? Have you heard my question?

Olivio: Excuse me, but I'm trying to talk and you're just cutting me off…

Anna: (At the same time as Olivio, raising her head to look at him) Now, are you going to answer me or— Wait. Stay still.

Olivio: What are you talking about?

Anna grabs the camera and takes it off the tripod, filming directly towards Olivio. The man's facial expression goes from confusion to horror.

Anna: Someone is watching you in the darkness.


Following this interview, quarantine accommodations including permanent video surveillance have been put in place in Level 11. Teams tasked with identifying the living specimens of the Level have been formed. "OlivioH" has been taken into custody. Searches have been launched to find "Phenix5744".


Entity 2-FR does not appear to be hostile at first. Rather, it seems to have a parasitic symbiotic relationship with the wanderers, attaching itself to groups of humans possibly in order to increase their numbers. Perceiving them causes them considerable emotional distress, which explains their tendency to flee and to leave the field of vision of any device capable of recording them.

Entity 2-FR proliferates in crowds. Due to the low population of the Backrooms, as well as the dispersion of the wanderers across the breadth of the Levels, it is restricting itself to Level 11 densely populated levels. A proliferation of these things has been observed. In response to their invasive behavior, it is recommended to limit the formation of crowds as much as possible. Quarantine Extermination of Entity 2-FR specimens is planned in the hypothesis that those surge in crowds.

It is recommended to own a camera, if possible. In case of an unexpected contact with a Entity 2-FR, eliminate it by all means possible, then isolate yourself. If you experience symptoms similar to those of a transmission of the organism of Entity 2-FR, engage a procedure of termination of your vital signs.


Several dissection operations of Entity 2-FR specimens have allowed us to determine that the hosts are not physically affected by the parasite. The inability to perceive the host is merely a side effect of the infection. There is, however, a deep disgust towards the Entity present in all observers.

The organism taking control of the hosts is not yet identified, but it is possible that it is not purely of biological origin, but rather attacking the collective human subconscious. The extermination of that organism would require a restructuring of all wanderers' consciousnesses.

Behaviours to adopt


  • Avoid crowds.
  • Equip yourself with a camera.
  • If you are incapable of remembering their lives, their appearance or their full name, immediately cut contact with them.
  • Move away from highly populated levels. Some parts of Level 11 are currently under quarantine. The quarantine could be extended to the entirety of Level 11.
  • In case of involuntary contact with Entity 2-FR, please read the "Behaviors" section of this entry.
  • Prevent the formation of human communities.


  • Do not consider them.
  • Do not contact them.
  • Do not approach quarantine zones.
  • Do not listen to them.
  • They are liars and manipulators. These creatures are insignificant scum that are invading us and taking place among our own. We want — no, we MUST put an end to their existence. I know you can feel all the hatred for this vermin. It's unbearable. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. Kill them. All. Every single one of them. No mercy will be tolerated. Do not believe them.

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