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Heyy, this is Endrew1Endrew1's author page!1 I've been a Backrooms fan for a few years, and joined the wiki last year. My pages are closely related to my interests and life experiences, I also like to use my own photos. I will never write entities because I hate them lol.

Hope y'all enjoy my stuff!

I'm also keen on organizing and classifying things, so below is a list of wiki levels grouped by theme.


Winter Playpark

Level 298 (+)
Empty playground + night + snow is the ultimate combo. With this level I tried to capture the feeling of sneaking out at night to go play at a snowy park. It would be so cool to have it all for yourself…until you realize you're not the only one there.

The Infinite Nightclub

Level 750 (+27) (FEATURED September 2023)
Wanting to write this was what convinced me to join the wiki. I began writing this a YEAR ago, but the concept was shitty, and I'm glad I let it marinate before going back to it with better ideas. Arguably my best page so far. It's also Goerman approved!

Home On The Road

Enigmatic Level (+22) (FEATURED August 2023)
I think the Enigmatic status is controversial, but whatever. I personally really fancy the cozy and contradictory nature of the "mobile" home.

She Hangs My Fingers Around Her Neck

Tale (+16)
Written while working on Home On The Road and missing my girlfriend. The most dark article I'll ever write probably.


Phenomenon 11 (+33)
Started as a shitpost, ended up as a high-effort quasi-joke page. I don't understand how this racked up so many votes lmao, especially having posted this as a grayname. Crazy but I'll take it.

Backrooms Travel Agency

GOI (+28)
This idea came to me on a whim and I still think this is a super fun page, inspired by my numerous hiking trips that went askew. Lighthearted with eerie hints is my favorite tone. Making that final review glitchy took a lot of trial and error.

3D Vision Glasses

Object 29 (+18)
Objectcon entry, my first published page ever. Not my favorite idea, but I wanted to try my hand at something more basic before attempting a big project. I also think 3D glasses are a cool design in general.


In The Maze of Corn

Level 505

Airport (rewrite)

Level 36

Liminal Slopes

Level 488

Pic-nic for two

unnumbered level


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