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Heyy, this is Endrew1Endrew1's author page!1 I've been a Backrooms fan for a few years, and joined the wiki last year. My pages are closely related to my interests and life experiences, I also like to use my own photos. I will never write entities because I hate them lol.

Hope y'all enjoy my stuff!

I'm also keen on organizing and classifying things, so below is a list of wiki levels grouped by theme.


The Infinite Nightclub

Level 750 (+22) (FEATURED September 2023)
Wanting to write this was what convinced me to join the wiki. I began writing this a YEAR ago, but the concept was shitty, and I'm glad I let it marinate before going back to it with better ideas. Arguably my best page so far. It's also Goerman approved!

Home On The Road

Enigmatic Level (+19) (FEATURED August 2023)
I think the Enigmatic status is controversial, but whatever. I personally really fancy the cozy and contradictory nature of the "mobile" home.

She Hangs My Fingers Around Her Neck

Tale (+15)
Written while working on Home On The Road and missing my girlfriend. The most dark article I'll ever write probably.


Phenomenon 11 (+30)
Started as a shitpost, ended up as a high-effort quasi-joke page. I don't understand how this racked up so many votes lmao, especially having posted this as a grayname. Crazy but I'll take it.

Backrooms Travel Agency

GOI (+26)
This idea came to me on a whim and I still think this is a super fun page, inspired by my numerous hiking trips that went askew. Lighthearted with eerie hints is my favorite tone. Making that final review glitchy took a lot of trial and error.

3D Vision Glasses

Object 29 (+18)
Objectcon entry, my first published page ever. Not my favorite idea, but I wanted to try my hand at something more basic before attempting a big project. I also think 3D glasses are a cool design in general.

If I missed a level or you want to suggest a new category, please comment! This may be fruitless work but I just like organizing things I like lol.


Bodies of water in man-made structures.

# Name
7 Thalassophobia
43 Water world (aquarium)
58 Mud slide
66 Exhibit (aquarium)
370 Sublimity
130 Tainted pools
233 Lukewarm hotel
183 Clean sewers
76 The boundless sewers
34 Sewer system


Means of transport of all sorts (ground, air, water, underwater)

# Name
59 The backway
77 The undeground train
83 The sunken submarine
133 Aeternum
500 Subcarrier
103 Aircraft carrier
17 The carrier
36 Airport
36.1 Airplane
103 Aircraft carrier
185 Next train to depart from platform
61 The train
N/A The metro
N/A The dark metro
85 Ship in the sea
158 Onslaught station
291 Lost at sea
180 Voyager's sea
134 Tales of the sea
399 Safe passage
880 The reefwalker


To be added

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