Eden G

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PREVIOUS NAME: Eden G██████████

M.E.G. TITLE: Head Field Researcher



The only confirmed image of Eden since she went missing. Note the strange orbs and her new form.


Eden G. was a former Head Field Researcher of the M.E.G. and close friend of Former Senior Archivist A. River. Eden was last heard from in a call with Overseer B, which is logged on this database entry.

Eden was a light-skinned woman of Japanese-American descent. All pictures of her that were taken before her trip to heaven have since been lost, so her exact details are only documented through written reports. She had short pink hair, and would often be seen wearing traditional clothing and hairstyles. She was an entity expert, and even learned how to communicate with certain peaceful entities after intense study. She was promoted to Head Field Researcher after teaching multiple Facelings how to use sign language, which she was greatly congratulated for. If not on a mission, she would spend most of her spare time studying in the Cygnus Archive.

Eden was one of the main field mission leaders. She would often lead missions focused on entity documentation. She always had a specific philosophy and personality that made her feel trusted by the entities she studied. While many see entities as monsters, Eden always looked at them as her equal — even the dangerous “murder-monsters” of the Backrooms. She resided on Level 11 before her trip to heaven. She would often be seen going on research missions with A. River, and would spend lots of time with hir outside of missions as well.

A log is attached below of Eden’s final documented communication with The M.E.G.

After this call, Overseer B spent countless days and research teams searching as many levels as possible looking for Eden. These efforts proved fruitless. Eden has since been declared dead.

The fate and whereabouts of Eden are unknown. She is currently presumed dead. This is a heavy loss for the M.E.G., but no further attempts to locate her missing body will be attempted. She has officially been declared KIA.

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