Dr Mr Awsome And Cool
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Article written by SariastuffSariastuff with the psionic inspiration from Dr.Mr.Awesome and Cool

Name: Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool
Affiliations: Lone wolf
Aliases: N/A1
Last Seen: Level 11 I think.


Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is a very interesting and attractive person who the M.E.G. finds interesting. Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is of Maltese descent and is eighteen years old but very mature for his age. Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is 187.64cm tall and 87.29kg heavy (according to senior researcher Ian Smith who has very good eyesight and wears spectacles) (because of his big sexy muscles not because he is f*t). Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool was last seen wearing white socks, spotted underwear, a white undershirt, a pair of khakis, a Hawaiian shirt, and a diamond-studded silver necklace with ‘sex monster’ written in all caps (also according to senior researcher Ian Smith).


Sketch of Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool drawn by junior researcher Richard Fitzgerald, aged 5, because Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is very camera shy.

Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool has straight dark hair and an alluring tan complexion. His eyes sparkle blue like the azure ocean, and his lips, curved perpetually into a warm, inviting grin, smile with surreptitious mischief at all those who approach him. His chiselled jawline is crowned by a lush beard, well-groomed and clearly taken care of. One can see that Dr.Awsome And Cool takes pride in his appearance, as his muscular frame suggests that he frequents his local gym at Level 112. It wasn’t difficult to see why female M.E.G. researchers swoon over him when he strolled laxly down the street during his evening walks, though he would never give them more than an afterthought because he is often too stuck brooding over his past.

Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool’s personality is very interesting. Noted by most wanderers as humble and polite, Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool describes himself to most that are lucky enough to encounter him as a ‘shy and reserved cute guy who gets along with everyone and is also very smart.' Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool likes to listen to interesting music like breakcore, jungle, deathcore, and j-pop. You can find his really good and really interesting playlist at [DATA GATEKEPT]. He is also a very big fan of Dragon Ball Z3 and enjoys Danganronpa. Wanderers who have the privilege of encountering Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool are to listen to him talk about his hyperfixations for as long as he deems necessary. Failure to do so will be met with amputation and subsequent throwing into a volcano.

Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is a straight heterosexual cisgender male who is attracted to females only. Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is very not asexual and would like to deflower the girl of his dreams in the Backrooms, who he says should be very pretty and real (in the Backrooms). He is looking for a girl that is underage, less than 5’ 3” tall with red hair and a heart-shaped face. Preferably big pouty lips and nice green eyes, large boobies, very socially submissive and illiterate and a bit awkward and ditzy. She should like anime and fortnite so we can game together and have lots of fun. If you’re interested you should message Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool on Wikidot or preferably his secretary SariastuffSariastuff so we can get to know each other haha (in the Backrooms).

As previously noted, Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is very interesting to the M.E.G., especially due to his ability to outsmart most of the top interesting scientists and researchers working for it. His great intelligence, hindered only by his cranium, has baffled all those that meet him. Measured on an IQ scale, he has measured at the very high and interesting end of the bell curve. Incredible displays of his intelligence include:

  • Solving 71 Rubik’s cubes in less than one second each blindfolded with one hand only.
  • Beating undisputed champion of chess Magnus Carlsen (who was using a chess engine) in an online game with a ten minute increment, with the black pieces, and only using 10 seconds of his own time.
  • Solving the Riemann Hypothesis in the Backrooms4.
  • Sequencing the genomes of many Backrooms creatures including smilers, hounds, facelings, and all the other popular ones.
  • Knowledge of all the archives of the M.E.G., including all the entries that have not been written yet. When questioned about this, he said “Sandbox-forum” and “Backrooms Wikidot”. The meanings of these cryptic and meta statements is still to be deciphered5

In addition to this, he has gained the respect of lots of other intelligent and awsome popular backrooms creatures and POIs:

  • Blanche: Blanche thinks Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is very awsome and cool. They often meet and share tea and discuss philosophy and art or whatever she does. He also helped create Omenscript if anyone remembers that.
  • A.River: Contrary to popular belief, A.River only compiled the whole database with the help of Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool. After their fusion with Nostalgi Gaius, Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool has been seen going to Level 404 occasionally, though when asked how he escapes unscathed each time he replied with ‘none of your business’ with tears running down his face.6
  • The beast of Level 5: Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool was offered the title of honorary Terror Hotel entity because of how much he impressed the beast with his monster intelligence (badum-tiss). However, Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool refused this title because his superb intelligence has made him understand that it is wrong to kill people.
  • Evangeline Holmes: Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool was given a special mask: The awsome and cool mask, because he is awesome (and cool). He goes on adventures with her and the other characters like Grande Orion and Kimiko fighting for freedom against the big evil guys of the Backrooms.

Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool shies away from the organisations of the Backrooms for the most part. Questioning by purposeful seeking-out or smoke signals has always resulted in Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool ignoring M.E.G. researchers unless he deems them sufficiently intellectual to maintain discourse with. Attempts to recruit him for his knowledge on the Backrooms and the M.E.G. archives have never been successful, though he has never expressed malice or bad faith towards the M.E.G.. The only M.E.G. member who has regular interactions with Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool is Underseer Jana Cotyledon, who is in a complicated situationship with him and would not like to talk about the whole affair if possible7. Members of the M.E.G. claiming to have talked with Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool, or to have had relationships platonic or romantic in any way with him are reminded of Rule 7: no roleplaying. Researchers who disobey this directive further will also be amputated and thrown into a volcano.

Interview log:

The interview below was conducted one time last week when Junior Archivist El Rey Imperial Señor Clarence Bartholmeu Chris el Tercero el Séptimo Smith was walking back to his home in the unique location of Level 11 after a gruelling mission at Level 0 where he was assessing that the walls were indeed still yellow. On the way back he met Dr.Mr.Awsome and Cool whilst he was stuffing a butterfly for his stuffed insect collection, and they engaged in discourse. Note that prior to the encounter, El Rey Imperial Señor Clarence Bartholmeu Chris el Tercero el Séptimo had ordered a burger from Jolibee's and then ate it.

The corpse of El Rey Imperial Señor Clarence Bartholmeu Chris el Tercero el Séptimo was recovered and reprimanded for inappropriate conduct during the interview. What remained of his corpse was amputated and thrown into a volcano.

Historic profile

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