Dossier 502-1
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Dear Overseer C,

I've submitted this electronic dossier with all the evidence I could gather regarding the events of yesterday (05 Jan 2022). I urge you to analyse it and make a decision as fast as humanly possible. This situation affects the entire organization and we risk major civilian loss otherwise.

Apples’ Journal

Operative Apples is an expert on Level 389 and Level 389.1, surviving an astonishing four encounters with Entity 99 and greatly helping with the research of Entity 98's dolls. On 2022/01/05 he was sent to investigate what at that moment seemed to be a new stable door from level 6.1 to level 389.


Apples’ and Neĝa's Transmissions

Entries below are recordings of the aforementioned surveying mission. Apples was in close contact with operative Neĝa at base Gamma, even managing to stream live video and audio feeds from Level 389.

Initial Findings Audio

Exploration Video

Reconnection Audio

Xandra’s Memory Jar

Xandra, Leif, and Tania were sent from base Gamma to rescue Daniel Garcia and investigate the claim of wanderer Liam Davis that he encountered Entity 99 on level 3. Liam got separated from his companion Daniel while running from the entity.

Entity 99 Encounter Memories

[WARNING: Graphic depiction of violence]

Operative Leif returned terrified but unbruised. He has been diagnosed with severe PTSD.

Xandra’s memory jar was recovered half an hour later by operative Apples. Tania’s memory jar was damaged beyond usage. Apples was horrified by the scene, but otherwise he returned to base Gamma unharmed.


Photo taken in the body retrieving mission. Xandra's, Tania's and Daniel's bodies disappeared, apparently dragged away. Trails end into a wall.

As of now, the whereabouts of Entity 99 and Entity 98 are unknown.

Considering all the above evidence, I cannot stress enough that we, the Major Explorer Group, should:

  • Put all M.E.G. personal on High Alert for entity 99;
  • STRONGLY ADVISE AGAINST travelling through Level 3 until Entity 99 is located;
  • Warn wonderers TO NOT INTERACT WITH ENTITY 99 under any circumstances;
  • Raise the danger ratings of levels 389, 389.1, 3, and 6.1 to 5;
  • Quarantine Level 6 until we confirm that no entity has infiltrated from level 6.1;
  • Proceed to quarantine Level 11's entrances from Level 6.1;
  • Raise the danger rating of Level 11 to 2.

Neĝa Benkuto

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