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A Simple Author for Simple Pages

Hello, my name is Derrick770Derrick770. I have been an avid reader of the wiki for some time and started writing for the wiki in December 2022. I am an active critic on the wiki's discord and if you need help with critique contact me there. As for some personal stuff, I am 25 and my pronouns are he/him. What, did you expect anything else?

The Simple Pages In Question

  1. Level 902- My first ever level and page, this idea popped up in my head some time ago and I was able to make it a reality. This level was made as a love letter to some of my favorite levels like Level 230, Level 3, and Level 1. This level gives them all some additional lore for the crates found in all of them.
  2. Entity 232 - "Drowners"- My first entity. These entities are a continuation of the Bagger and the Porter, all hailing from the watery Level 230. I thought a universal water entity was needed, as most water levels had level specific entities.
  3. Object 75 - "Chekhov's Gun"- My first object. I thought of Chekhov's Gun and I immediately set out to write an object based on it. A gun in the Backrooms is a controversial concept, but I think this object was a tasteful way to execute that idea.
  4. A Letter of Reverence- My first tale. This was written to give more characterization to the Reverence, a group I think is quite underrated. Clocking in at a short 400 words, I tried to outline the Reverence's ideals as briefly as possible.
  5. Paradise 451- A level that gives the Reverence even more focus. This level tells the story of a wanderer from the past that made a life in a utopic level. Unfortunately, her community caught the eye of a Reverence member who detested their existence. I tried to hammer home just how monstrous the Reverence are and the lengths they will go to return to the past.
  6. One Mighty Blow- A tale from the perspective of the Reverence member that cause Paradise 451. This tale allows one to see the mindset of a reverence member and introduces their leader, Ambrose.
  7. Level 827- A break from the Reverence stuff, this page is a level that has mini-tales throughout. These mini-tales document unfortunate wanderers who have fell victim to the beds of this level. This level allowed me to experiment with 3 different types of stories within one page, each with a different tone to change things up.
  8. Level 722- I wrote this level to have many characters and elements. It has 10 entities that represent some of the worst things that lurk within people.

My Favorite Authors and To Be Authors

These are some authors that you should support, they are up-incomers or support those who are trying to get their foot in the door. On top of this, their work is great and has broad appeal.
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