The Humans

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Entity Number: 1

Habitat(s): The Frontrooms


The Humans


The plague of the Backrooms, who have invaded them and who are the original entity, Entity 1, is us, humans. As you already know, there is no human equal to another, therefore putting a physical description is impossible.

However, we agree that we have a skeleton, a brain, functional organs, muscles, skin, and most importantly, wisdom. We know what we do, how we do it and when we do it. However, why are we Entity 1?, easy, we should not be here, we already have our own place in existence, however, we have come this far and as I have already said, this should not be so.

We are an "anomaly" so to speak, an error that, like a snowball rolling down a hill, has been growing, and we are more and more here, if we were not here, the entities would not be aggressive nor would we have to see them.

But here we are, destabilizing the "natural order" of this place.


We act prudently, each thing we see and/or learn here, we add it to this file, we tell it to others and thus we ensure our survival above all other entities. This has always been the case, both in the Frontrooms and in The Backrooms.


We are all different, we come in all shapes, colors, sizes and thicknesses, we are humans, after all.


From our point of view, we didn't discover it until the creation of this file. However, all entities, passive, aggressive, neutral… They all discovered us, they all see us as a threat, therefore some simply evade us, others simply ignore us and others attack us. They know what we are capable of, how far we can go.

Do's and Don'ts:


  • Help each other unconditionally
  • Stick together


  • Kill each other or innocent beings
  • Fall into the Wretched Cycle
  • Lose Hope

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