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What are Canons?
When wandering throughout The Backrooms, some things may simply not make sense. A note from an unknown source documenting destruction, a Level which feels too reminiscent of certain events. No matter what, it's impossible to deny the fact that stories exist. It's not that we don't acknowledge these stories and events, it's the fact that they dip into each other, shatter each other's tales, breaking away at what founded these stories in the first place. They break laws established early on, and they show no indication of stopping.

Collected below are documents unearthed about each canon. If you wish to contribute to one, read the works under them first to get an understanding of what each represents. If you show interest in forming your own canon, check the bottom of the page for a guide.


If it exists, it can be exploited. The Backrooms are no different. There is a force mounting, an army of darkness that comes and goes with means unknown. You have come to know them, one way or another. A rumor, a story, a point of caution. Will you live the rest of your life free of their taint… Or will you find them?

The Fall Of Erebus

04 Sep 2023 22:56 +8 (+9, -1)
Info Author~ Nikuchan Close Diana Evelynn rolled off her bed during her sleep, landing...


27 Apr 2022 04:26 +11 (+11, -0)
INSURRECTION: PART 1 Something was wrong. She couldn't precisely place it, not now. As she walked...


24 Apr 2022 02:06 +14 (+14, -0)
Figures you guys do the stupid Naruto run. This unit is unaware of the significance of that...

Sehnsucht 4

24 Apr 2022 01:57 +11 (+11, -0)
Hoffman tapped his pencil on the desk impatiently. He was trying to work, but everyone in the entire...

Integration Point Symphony

21 Mar 2022 17:25 +52 (+52, -0)

Decay Canon

How would you react if your whole world was jeopardized? If every single bit of your reality crumbled in front of you piece by piece, what would you do? What could you do?

Level 6.31 - "Pierce the Veil"

27 Mar 2024 18:11 +27 (+29, -2)
One thought pervaded my mind as I traipsed through the abyss: Am I dead? I had wandered the...

Seared Frontier

18 Mar 2024 11:51 +27 (+27, -0)
SURVIVAL DIFFICULTY: Class unknown {$one} {$two} {$three} ...

Level 1.3

18 Mar 2024 06:50 +69 (+69, -0)
Info By DivineAtlas (author page). Special thanks to Alfarex for the renders! Thank you to all...

These Shall Be Recited On The Twelfth Hour Of Every Day

17 Mar 2024 21:33 +20 (+20, -0)
This page mentions suicide and its surrounding topics. Read at your own discretion. This...

Beyond The Mountains Part I

17 Mar 2024 04:59 +22 (+26, -4)
I grew up on a small farm in a place that the elders called Level 29 , but that I'd always known as...

Desolation Canon

Desolation canon focuses on humanity and its survival in a version of the Backrooms that is extremely inhospitable and attempts to assimilate foreign objects into itself. Can humanity claw through another day?

Level 9

18 Mar 2024 06:43 +12 (+19, -7)
+ Theme Code - Close - Close module "list/ListPagesModule"...

Level 10

17 Mar 2024 04:38 +18 (+23, -5)
+ Theme Code - Close - Close LEVEL 10 SURVIVAL DIFFICULTY CLASS 1 Exit: 2/5 Somewhat...

A Dog's Last Request

05 Mar 2024 16:30 +25 (+29, -4)
A Dog's Last Request” It was sudden we were outside on a walk, and the next moment we had fallen...

Desolation Canon Hub

13 Nov 2023 14:43 +26 (+27, -1)
module "list/ListPagesModule"...

Homeward Bound: Chapter 1

02 Nov 2023 19:15 +37 (+37, -0)
+ Theme Code - Close - Close Info Special thanks to Derrick770, Praetor3005,...

Industrialization Canon

Humanity has settled into the Backrooms, creating societies which echo the ones back home, for better and for worse. The horrors of creeping monsters and liminality crumble away as humanity finds its own horrors to replace them with.

Level 231

18 Mar 2024 05:25 +25 (+26, -1)
Note: This document is outdated. Involvement in Level 231 has been discontinued and is no longer in...

Level 705

18 Mar 2024 04:30 +10 (+19, -9)
Industry Tomorrow's world for the today's people Description When wanderers no-clip to Level...

Object 49 - "Compression Cubes"

18 Mar 2024 01:47 +13 (+17, -4)
Description: A Compression Cube in its dormant state. Compression Cubes are projectile weapons...

Level 580

15 Mar 2024 08:21 +14 (+24, -10)
Level 580 has become a harrowing graveyard, claiming the lives of nearly five-hundred souls. Its...

Echo Chamber

08 Mar 2024 06:57 +25 (+25, -0)

The Pantheon Canon

In the beginning, The Backrooms were home to many gods, each commanding an aspect of reality. They were as close as family, but that all changed after humans first entered The Backrooms. They were overthrown and their alliance was fractured. Today, they may have to reunite to face a grave threat…

Hypothetical Creator

10 Feb 2024 16:43 +21 (+26, -5)
Info Yep, it's another page in everyone's favourite category. Written by Boring Talkings! '=' ...

The Adventures of a Knight and His Disciple

02 Jan 2024 19:17 +9 (+11, -2)
+ Theme Code - Close - Close The Adventures of a Knight and His Disciple Chapter 1: The...

Entity 700 - "Solaris"

22 Dec 2023 15:40 +19 (+23, -4)
Info By Soleste. Close Notice: the following information has been compiled from a variety...

Level 49.2

07 Dec 2023 19:10 +15 (+19, -4)

Let Your Justice Be Swift

02 Dec 2023 20:41 +2 (+11, -9)
This tale includes blood and minor gore. Reader discretion is advised. Shut up. Davriel echoed yet...

Simulation Canon

The Backrooms is a weird, wild place that can get as wacky as it wants, but this canon will always follow humans, human-based issues, and human feeling narratives.

Scene-01.2 - "The Refuge"

11 Feb 2024 13:39 +36 (+36, -0)
09/08/92 We found it I think we've escaped. There's no way they can find us here. All that running...

Hypothetical Creator

10 Feb 2024 16:43 +21 (+26, -5)
Info Yep, it's another page in everyone's favourite category. Written by Boring Talkings! '=' ...

Entity 124 - "The Memory Manager"

29 Jan 2024 15:21 +8 (+15, -7)

Level 511

02 Nov 2023 19:27 +25 (+27, -2)
Info Just how many Level !'s are there!? Written by Boring Talkings! 'L' Other pages by me ...

Simulation Canon

15 Oct 2023 21:50 +17 (+19, -2)
+ Theme Code - Close - Close Info Not even gonna think about how long it...

Terror Hotel Canon

Wanderers flock to the belly of the beast in search of their own goals and accomplishments, only to be disappointed when they find that when they poke the sleeping dog, it awakes to bite them. Yet, the intrigue of the mysteries the hotel holds still attract visitors to it.

Entity 28

17 Mar 2024 19:39 +32 (+32, -0)
Our Hotel is perfect for all kinds of needs! Entity 28- The Spokeslady Habitat: The Hotel ...

The Final Answer

17 Mar 2024 17:29 +20 (+20, -0)
I tried my best to collect myself, gathered all my notes, and stood up quickly. Yes, it all made...

A Mantis And A Goat Walk Into A Bar

16 Mar 2024 13:10 +16 (+20, -4)
I frantically began running back and forth, reflecting on all the evidence I acquired so far. The...

A Wild Investigation

15 Mar 2024 21:31 +14 (+16, -2)
I couldn't say how long I remained alone in this room, looking at the corpse of someone I never...

Entity 800

13 Mar 2024 23:25 +30 (+30, -0)
Info Article written by Sariastuff. Image compiled and edited by Nikuchan , using the...


This canon will follow the efforts of the group known as "The Masked Maidens" on their mission to cleanse the corruption of the different groups of The Backrooms — mainly the M.E.G. — from the supposedly virtuous values they claim to uphold.

The Peace Beneath A Pen - A "Through Our Eyes" Short Tale

14 Sep 2023 03:52 +12 (+12, -0)
Info Please note! If you're a new reader of Masked Maidens content or the UN!Masked Canon, you...

Level 294

10 Nov 2021 20:21 +42 (+43, -1)
A secret hiding within the flames... Ah. Just the author. Yours truly, TrailmixNCocoa...

Through Our Eyes, Part 1: To Return Home

20 Oct 2021 17:42 +24 (+24, -0)
The fire seemed to spread everywhere. You run through the halls, feeling the flames tickle your skin...

Embers Of Light

13 Oct 2021 13:25 +22 (+22, -0)
CW/TW: Mentions of blood, suicide, hallucinating(?). Read with discretion. You fidget with the...

Evangeline Holmes

20 Sep 2021 15:18 +35 (+36, -1)
The identities seem to slip sometimes... who could this be? Oh, nevermind. It's only the...

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Collaboration is a vital aspect of every canon, and is the main difference between a canon and merely someone's personal series of articles. Because of this, to get featured on this page (and to get a canon hub and tag) a canon needs to have:

  • 7 canon pages,
  • 3 authors credited across any of those 7,
  • The canon should be open to new contributions and collaborators,
  • The canon shouldn't be marked as 'finished', even if the main storyline is concluded happily ever after — new information should always be allowed if it lines up with the canon!

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