Person of Interest - "Bill"


What we know, and what we trust.

Vandal in the Endless City?

Who's the one vandalizing our property - and what do we make of them?

I come to work every day at the same time to the same place, the Major Supplies Hub in Level 11. Imagine my surprise when I find the front entrance door has some ginger kid in a hoodie plastered over it! It’s harrowing, such a beautiful building defaced this way.
Alwynn, Major Supplies Hub

In recent weeks, many pieces of B.N.T.G. property and infrastructure have been defaced by a mysterious ruffian. We are currently in search of a suspect that matches their physical description, along with their cohorts.

Street art pieces have been an uncommon sight in Level 11 since our initial establishment within the level, as our presence usually deters such things. Recently, this has changed for the worse.

On many pieces of our property, including the Major Supplies Hub and the Agricultural Depot, murals depicting a ginger-haired and pale-skinned masculine figure in a hoodie, along with some message to the effect of “The B.N.T.G. is a load of idiots and we don’t need them here.” Of course, this behaviour is unacceptable from any denizen of Level 11, and requires proper punishment.


Interestingly, this ‘Bill’ signature, though the most common, is not the only one that’s been seen on these troublesome murals. Others include ‘Imani’, ‘Doug’, and at least one other illegible name. Due to this, we suspect that 'Bill' is a pseudonym, along with these other names.

In the wake of all this, the High Leader has prepared a statement:

Hello, B.N.T.G. associates and traders. An elusive character known as ‘Bill’ has recently come to my attention, seemingly a group leader with the goal of foiling our glorious operations. Any and all associates found to be affiliated with this offender will be detained. No exceptions, effective immediately. Any reports on this “Bill” or his group should be brought directly to me, your High Leader. Good day.
High Leader, George McCarson

New Leader, Big Changes.

Here, we come to you with further details of what's ahead for our group.

As we've all heard, the High Leader of the B.N.T.G., George McCarson, has recently been established. Already, changes to trade routes and branding have greatly increased employee morale and efficiency, and brought great profits to boot.

Officially sanctioned by B.N.T.G. High Leader George McCarson.


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