Attribution Metadata


This page contains a manually-maintained table of all attribution data for pages where the creator of the page is not the sole contributor. This includes cases where there are multiple authors, as well as translations, rewrites, and offsite imports. The table is primarily used by the CROM discord bot.

Updating the page:

If you find something missing from this page, please do not update yourself. Instead, contact a staff member, and ask them to update the table.


  • Name: The url of the page.
  • User: A user associated with the page. Should only be a valid Wikidot account, "Unknown Author", or "Staff". For pages with multiple authors, all authors should be included, including the creator of the page.
    • Unknown Author: Authors without a Wikidot account associated with them should not be included. If none of the original authors have a valid Wikidot account associated with them, "Unknown Author" should be set as the author. Pages created by deleted users need not be included here.
    • Staff: This is primarily used for hubs and technical pages, as well as guides that were created collaboratively by a large number of staff members.
  • Type: The type of contribution from the user in the "User" column.
    • author: The original author of the page.
    • rewrite: The author of a rewrite of the page.
    • translator: The translator of the page (used in pages that were initially published to another branch).
  • Date: The date that a page was rewritten. Only used in pages where the page was only edited and not deleted in the rewrite process.

Order or entries:

  • Normal Entities (Numerical)
  • Enigmatic Entities (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Groups (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Normal Levels (Numerical)
  • Enigmatic Levels (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Sub-Layers (Order of Appearance on Hub)
  • Objects (Numerical)
  • POIs (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Non-Tale/Essay Jokes (Order of Appearance on Hub)
  • Essays (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Guide (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Themes (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Components (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Tales (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Archived Pages (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Canon Hubs (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Series Hubs (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Other Hubs/Technical Pages (Alphabetical by URL)
  • Translations (Order of Appearance on Hubs)


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