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ok! so… there is an enigmatic author who is being called Aster!
Before describe about this entity, let's appreciate a photo!



Hello everyone!
I'm Aster Argyle! And this is my author page! lol! omg! woah!
Before introduce my articles, let's start to document Aster.

Hope this class system will work well (I failed about five time -_-)


Class Aster

  • I
  • love
  • you

Yeah, failed again -_-

Anyway! it does not matter!
As I said above, here is my introduce!



Name: Aster Argyle!

Age: I'm 17 years old!

Live: I live in South Korea!!!

Gender: He/Him! I"m the man who can't be moved!

Hobby: Reading, writing, gaming, fall a sleeping, and Boxing!

Do you have discord?: Sure! You can ping me! (discord name is also Aster Argyle)

Favorite food: Ramen, bread, fried food! Coffee and Soda!

What I say the most: nah, lol, omg, woah, yay! you can know this if you are in discord!

What game you are playing?: Roblox and league of legend!

Favorite songs: The man who can't be moved, that's us, love like that, neverending story, 힐링이 필요해 (october rain by yoon gun.)

Anything: I love you

Oh my gah.
There are still some more about me, but! I think I did enough.
And this means it's time to introduce my articles…


Level 890

Level 890 + 28 (+30, -2)

greenlighted by Kai4CKai4C
Abandoned amusement park with an unique entity!
I came up this idea when I was shopping on weekend.
There are some miss points, and I'm planning to describe this later.
Sub-layer of level 890: Endless, and enigmatic entity: Restatic is being created!

Level 925
Cloud's Heaven

Level 925 + 15 (+18, -3)

greenlighted by BlueSignetBlueSignet
Sky, where can foot on cloud and make something with clouds.
I wanted to make a storytelling level, and it succeed!
It's a bit of a regretful tbh, but I think it's enough.
I'm planning to develop the Cloud Eye section.

Level 470
Memory with you

Level 470 + 13 (+18, -5)

My first contest entry.
House and field of memory of lost friend.
Originally, this level was longer than now.
I made it shorter since I decided to make this as contest entry.

Level 705
A Tale Of Two Islands

Level 705 + 11 (+20, -9)

My second contest entry!
I was given many many helps from ReyDayReyDay, LiminalDoctorLiminalDoctor, LiurniaLiurnia!
Two islands sharing completely diverse environment.
This is…not good enough, so I may rewrite this someday.

Now! You can guess what section will appear.
Next section is about my… thanks!

Special thanks/Friends!

Don't you wonder how I could post some levels even though I have bad english ability?
There are my loves who helped me!
(Warning! this section can be long)

wait a sec…what


A sudden thought, I think it'd be cool if I put here some my sandbox links!
Level 415 - Rot In Hell, Jane.
Level 997 - Over the horizen.
Level 873 - Mind is blowing.
Blue Ocean's Dream

Yeah, literally five.


This is all!
I should finish this work.
But, I think you know how I finish my article; photo with a sentence.
If this were a regular level posting, I would bring a photo from pexels or pixabey.
But this is my real page.
So… this is a photo of my town!


It was a cold day… (acctually, I can't remember lol)

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