The Partypoopers

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Entity Number: 68

Habitat: - Extinct


The Partypoopers were Entities that resided on Level 52. They were usually known for their polarity with the Partygoers and their peace-loving nature. Due to the events of The Fun War, this entity is now extinct. For more information on the Fun War, go to the Level 52 page.


The Partypoopers were entities that were very humanitarian. These creatures were willing to save human explorers and guide them into their base, "The Boredom Room". The Partypoopers used to be friends with their refugees and were very passive. However, if you tried to attack a Partypooper, They would grab you by your arms and legs, and sacrifice you to the Partygoers.


A Partypooper appears as a man wearing a black jacket and jeans, a hood, and black sneakers. Their face is covered with a blue mask with a sad face on them. The true appearance of a Partypooper is unknown because they will refuse to take their jacket or hood off.

Room #172:

Room #172 is a classroom that was once named "The Boredom Room". This classroom looks like other classrooms in Level 52, but on the board it says, "THE WAR IS NOW OVER =)," possibly written by a Partygoer claiming victory over the Partypoopers. The rest of the room is filled with broken laptops the Partypoopers used to access the Internet. The far side of the classroom has a door to Room #170, a classroom human refugees used to settle in. Now, this room has sleeping bags, along with rotting food on the desks.

Across from Room #172 is an elevator. This elevator does not have a standard button number system, but instead a numbered keypad that lets you type in a number, with minus and period symbols for negative and sub-layer, respectively. However, this elevator cannot access the unnumbered Levels. This elevator can access any discovered level in Cluster 1, and if you type in an undiscovered level, the screen will say "ACCESS DENIED", and then reset. The length of the elevator ride depends on how distant the two levels are.

HA! These guys suck! They were always Partypoopers… hence the name! Come over and take a look at us, we will have so much fun! =)

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