A. River
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M.E.G. TITLE: Senior Archivist (Former)

Last Known Location(s): M.E.G. Base Omega (Level 4), level 404


Photo taken during last known sighting of Senior Archivist A. River. Note visual distortion.


A. River was a 24 year old person of Irish-French descent, and formerly provided service as a Senior Archivist to several organizations prior to hir unexplained disappearance. Having experience in technological work prior to hir appearance in the Backrooms, hir expertise had been an invaluable asset to documentation of a large number of Levels and Entities, many of which possess infohazardous properties. A significant portion of the Backrooms archival database was personally programmed by River; hir insight continues to guide researchers on its development in hir absence.

After ze returned to Base Omega from an unplanned exploration of level 404 in order to document heaven and her inhabitants, River reported a previously unseen affinity with technology, enabling hir to interface with and manipulate digital data directly. At this time, a photographic anomaly was also noted, creating glitched visual artifacts in all photos taken of hir as well as obscuring hir face.

One month after hir return from level 404, River disappeared without explanation from hir workstation in Base Omega, leaving behind only flat, intersecting visual artifacts with a similar appearance to their photographic anomaly. M.E.G. personnel are respectfully advised not to approach these artifacts; consequently, River's workstation remains vacant.

Several unfinished documents were recovered from hir terminal after hir disappearance. Hir current status is unknown.


A current photo of River's workstation.


River was known to be polite, cordial, and softspoken, if absentminded at times, and dedicated to hir work. Hir tendency to place the safety of others above hir own was well-known, often resulting in physical or psychological injury. Ze was frequently described as introverted, compassionate, and gentle, and was reportedly close with Overseer-B.

River was a valued researcher and a dear friend to many. Ze will be missed.

Additional Info: Interview


River: —mic on…there we go. This is for my file?

Overseer-B: Yeah, just describe yourself and your work.

River: It's not all that big a deal.

Overseer-B: Only about sixty-three percent of our database.

River: [Laughs] It's just infrastructure. I'm glad I can still help.

Overseer-B: That's right, too… Are you, you know, feeling okay? After 404?


River: Don't tell anyone. [Laughs] I mean, other than whoever bothers to read my file.

Overseer-B: I won't.

River: [Pause.] I… I don't know. I feel strange. Disconnected, I guess. It's nice being able to take a look at the data I'm working with, but I can't help but feel like it's starting to…


River: …no, no, I'm okay. I'm okay. I have to keep looking into this. I feel like I'm just on the verge of something big, you know? Something that'll save lives. I have to keep at it just a little longer. I can't let it—her—

[the room wavers.]

River: …gh. Sorry. It's fine.

Overseer-B: [Hushed] Just… take care of yourself, okay?

River: Yeah. Thanks, ███.

[Both laugh weakly.]


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