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Level 1.3 - "Malignance"

"I watched them teeter on the precipice of life and death; the void was beckoning them into its shivery embrace."

Tale - "Things That Go Bump in the Light"

"It all has always been a lie. The warmth, the skies, the light. In our dependence on what we lost, we lost sight of that fact to its false blinding rays."

Level 6.31 - "Pierce the Veil"

"Do not attempt to pierce the veil of ignorance that we have been graced with; ignorance is bliss, after all."

Entity 28 - "The Spokeslady"

"All the posters have been shipped! It's time to send off my little bunnies to meet our curious future guests. Oh! Then I definitely have to compose a new jingle! So much to do, so little time! It will be a packed day!"

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