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Object 11 - "Ghost Lights"

"I awoke in a great hall, thousands of adoring fans cheering for me. A performer garnished in a sparkling gown that cascaded down to their ankles offered me a hand wrapped in a soft silk glove."

" Homeward Bound: Chapter 1 "

"I walked up to the wall, hesitating as I doubted my eyes. I reached out and touched it. My hand went right through, almost like it was a hologram."

Simulation Canon

"In Sim, you won't usually get a character with powers, unless for a narrative reason. Most people in the canon are just people trying to get by, anyone from a lone survivor to the leader of a dictatorship."

Level 246 - "Dinosaur Alley"

"Zoos in the Frontrooms showcase lions, tigers, and bears, oh my! This Backrooms vivarium features dinosaurs, humans, and cryptids, but why?"

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